Use It Or Lose It

6th April 2018

In the early 1980's 'Globalisation' was the buzz word, the follow on from the industrial revolution. Through the advances in transportation and communication, a better world was on the horizon. That was the promise.
But what does this mean today?  Cheap flights allow easy access around this beautiful planet.  A highly diverse mixture of cultures and goods enrich our societies. Our expectations from life are far greater than those of our grandparents.
And what of the next chapter of our history, 'Brexit'? Uncertainties lay ahead as we depart the European Union (EU).  Whatever your views, my thoughts are around the pending divorce from the EU and its effect on our communities. 
This is not a 'in the good old days' piece, but rather a piece looking for something good which appears to have gone, our community spirit and pride, and how can we regain it.
Whilst many have lengthy commutes to work or have even emigrated to work, expectations bring greater pressures on everything including 'time'.  Everyone used to know everyone.  But now it is the 'World Wide Web' community, where everything is accessible on a Smartphone, including your shopping!
The multi-generation households have gone and been replaced with multi-car and multi-gadget households, where you acknowledge the people five doors down but you don't actually know their names.
The world has changed.  There have undoubtedly been many advancements, but now more than ever, we need to reacquaint ourselves with our community.  We haven't lost the ability, we just dispersed and became detached by globalisation, those demands, those expectations and those smart phones.  
Forget convenience, and strengthen our community through building relationships. Use your local shops, in them you will find people who love their communities so much that they invest themselves, as well as their money, into their local communities.  I promise you that the service and experience you will get there will be more rewarding than that from your network provider.
The more we visit a place, the more we feel part of something and the more it means to us. Very quickly, we have re-engaged with and re-established our community.  I once heard it said, "If you don't use it, you lose it."
A piece by Paul Cusimano, Director of Lancaster BID and Owner of JOSEPH+CO 

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