The Chamber, North Lancashire supports syringe driver campaign for St John's Hospice

30th January 2017

The Chamber North Lancashire are proud to support St John's Hospice in 2017 and we would like our members and the public to show their support too. St John's has been at the centre of our local community providing vital services to patients and families every single day since 1986.

This campaign is to help St John's to buy a syringe driver. These devices help deliver around the clock pain relief and medication to patients in need. Each of these devices cost around £1,200 and The Chamber would very much like to raise in excess of that amount to help them purchase one.

St John's Hospice is a local charity. IT costs over £4 million per year to maintain their services in our community. They only receive around a quarter of that total from central funding. The rest has to be fundraised through generous supporters, great events and local businesses.

To donate please click here. 

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