Tackling ASB Together

8th August 2019

The team at Lancaster BID are aware of a number of antisocial behaviour hotspots in the city centre and are committed to working with businesses and other agencies to address this issue.

Since taking up the post of Lancaster BID manager last month, Tony Johnson has been busy meeting with businesses to assess the scale of the issue. He has also held meetings with the local Police Inspector and the Antisocial Behaviour team at Lancaster City Council to plan a coordinated response.

Lancaster BID will now be engaged in regular meetings with the Police Inspector to develop and implement an action plan to tackle this significant problem.

To allocate resources most effectively it is critical that we have feedback from local businesses highlighting any issues you are facing. This information will help ensure that the issue can gain the attention it needs and that Lancaster can be made into an even safer place for everyone to enjoy.

To highlight any ASB issues in the vicinity of your business please contact the BID Manager on or 01524 590650.

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