Storm Desmond Update

1st June 2017

It's nearly 18 months since the horrendous floods hit Cumbria and northern Lancashire. Thankfully, most have returned to their homes and most of the businesses have re-opened.

Owner of JOSEPH+CO, Paul Cusimano and Lancaster BID Chair said: "The delay in getting our remedial works done has been down to our Insurers and their Loss Adjusters. This has left a very bitter taste. To them it came down to money, and their unwillingness to honour the indemnity policy's we purchased; shame on them."

"We have now completed most of the works required to the effected lower sales area, but it still requires one more coat of paint. Therefore, we will remain closed but will RE-OPEN ON WEDNESDAY 30TH MAY 2017."

"There are still a few minor jobs to do, namely decoration to both the ground floor sales area and the exterior, but they will be done out of normal opening hours to prevent any further disruption."

"Finally, I want to thank everyone for their help and support throughout; thank you."

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