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8th November 2018

Earlier this week I got in to conversation with some friends about their personal insurances. They were shopping around and asked me to weigh in on what they should be looking for. They did not, however, expect me to look at quoting for them as it seems easier to approach an aggregator site.

I admit; I am guilty of being the type of person who walks into a salon and tells the stylist to 'do whatever you think' because, ultimately, they know more than I do what would suit me and what would look daft. We are lucky to live in a time in which there are a multitude of professionals in every field just a phone call, email or instant message away. Why is it then that we often try to do these things without getting advice from those with expertise in the field? While aggregator sites are designed to be 'quick and easy' they remain legal contracts with terminology, conditions and warranties written in that may cause confusion and catch out those who have not read through the documents fully. We often find people with negative claims experiences because they've either signed up for something they thought suited them but didn't or they just didn't have the expertise required to negotiate their own claims.

At Reid Hamilton we know that Insurance contracts can be tricky, confusing and often boring for others, but we love it. We enjoy nothing more than meeting home, car and business owners and talking about their needs and how we can protect them. We are (almost) as enthusiastic as you are about the home you have made or business you have created and put our hearts into making sure we have provided solutions for you.

Our team are all experienced professionals ready to ensure you have the right Insurance contract that leaves no gaps or loopholes for you to be 'caught out'. We offer no obligation quotes so really there is nothing to lose and peace of mind to gain.

If you aren't a client of ours and have any questions regarding the insurance you have in place, don't feel like you can't nip in for a chat- no cost, just answers to the queries you have.

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