Protectal Visors

3rd June 2020

Local Company, Protectal, instigated the rapid mobilisation of PPE production for NHS and frontline workers to support supply and demand issues. They acted fast to switch production from renewables to PPE and have already supplied over 12,000 PPE consignments of various sizes to front line workers nationwide.

They have asked us to let Lancaster businesses know about their Protectal Visor which is available to buy for just £4.50 and could assist you to manage risk to your staff when your business reopens.

The Protectal Visor is a durable, re-usable face shield designed for personal protection.

It offers the user to conduct personal interaction without visual impediment whilst offering full face protection, (above, below and forward).

It is suitable for people wearing most glasses.

Lightweight and flexible plastic means no headaches after a day at work.

The material means a wash in soapy water or a dip in Dettol is enough to clean it.

In the event that head straps are required, hooks are built into the ends of the tensioned arms.

Ideal for people working in customer interaction roles such as hairdressers, shops, receptions, restaurants, teachers, banks, shops etc.

It is in use at numerous places in Lancaster already including hospitals, shops, banks, ambulance service.

Price: £4.50

Available at:


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