Opportunity for businesses

11th March 2015

Lancaster University's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is working to further embed employability into degree schemes. To do this effectively they would like to hear your thoughts and experiences and learn about the type of skilled workforce you need to grow your business.

Lancaster University's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are running an event on Tuesday March 17th at 4.00pm at Campus in the City on Cheapside, to provide an opportunity for organisations in the public and private sector to help shape the development of the local graduate workforce, they are inviting businesses to attend and share their thoughts and experiences.

Refreshments will be provided by Lancaster University along with parking and travel expenses for those coming from outside Lancaster.  Organisations interested in testing out graduates will also have an opportunity to access placement opportunities, paid for by the University, and to find out about other business development opportunities.

To book your attendance please contact Lindsey King, FASS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) Enterprise Centre Co-ordinator - 01524 510533

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