New Dementia Training For Lancaster District

8th June 2016

Local business partners Gill Grattan and Gill McBain are delighted to announce the launch of Reconnect Dementia Training.  With a proven track record of delivering high quality education and training in both the public and private sectors, both partners are committed to helping people to live well with dementia.

With this in mind, and having identified a need for more in depth training for customer facing staff, Reconnect have developed specialist training solutions, designed to inspire and motivate, providing a means to a greater knowledge and understanding of dementia, resulting in a more confident and happy workforce.

Gill McBain commented "As dealing with dementia continues to attract attention, being more aware of customers with dementia and the challenges they face, could vastly improve their experience when using businesses and services.  Two thirds of people living with dementia live in the community, so it's likely that some of these people will already be accessing local shops, transport and other services!!  We are passionate about contributing to Lancaster and District, as a Dementia Friendly Community, and are confident that our range of training will support businesses to boost their Corporate Social Responsibility!! "It's a great way to enrich the way customers experience your brand!"

Gill Grattan added "At Reconnect we recognise that training is at its best when designed for the audience in mind.  As such, our unique customer focused approach, working directly with individual businesses and organisations, ensures that our training meets specific requirements and the needs of a diverse workforce, enabling you to drive your business forward".

Have you considered what steps your business has taken to address or cater for people living with dementia that use your business, now or in the future?

If you would like to explore how Reconnect can work with you and your workforce in becoming part of the Dementia Friendly Community, or would like to know more about what we do, please contact, or

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