Lost Dinos of Lancaster Success

4th September 2020

With all the COVID restrictions in place we were unable to have our hugely successful and popular Dino Day in the city centre this year. However, not to be outdone, we made sure that Lancaster still had an invasion from our Jurassic friends.

At the beginning of August Lancaster BID launched our Lost Dinos of Lancaster Trail which was available as a download or at various places around town to collect and complete in person. With 10 cuddly critters hidden in various stores around town participants had to follow the clues to find out where they were hidden. Not only that but we had a rather large inflatable friendly T-Rex looking down over the city from St Nics throughout the month to coincide with the trail.

We also arranged socially distanced Meet and Greet sessions with some baby dinosaurs over two Thursdays in August to satisfy our intrepid Dino fans in the city.

Victoria Muir, Events and Marketing Coordinator for Lancaster BID said "We were disappointed not to have been able to bring our full line up for this event to the city, especially as we had some new Dinosaur visitors ready to come to Lancaster, but we wanted to make sure that all the Dino fans out there weren't left with nothing at all. We worked hard to safely put together this scaled down version of our event with the help of the great team at Fun Cast Characters, Morecambe. We are very pleased with how the event went and it was still a huge success with our 1st meet and greet day selling out in 24 hours which is why we added a 2nd day. We loved meeting everyone that came to see our baby T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptor and Ankylosaurous and thankfully our baby dinosaurs didn't nibble on any of the children that attended! Thank you so much to everyone that took part in the trail and visited us and especially to the stores that took part as we could not do these things without the help of our levy payers. The cuddly Dinos are now on their way to their new homes after we chose 10 winners from all those that took part in the trail.

With footfall increasing in the city quicker than the national average we are hoping that things are taking an upturn and that, despite all the challenges of 2020, the outlook for Lancaster will be positive and that we can bring back all of our events bigger and better for 2021!!"

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