Lancaster Health Festival Update

4th July 2019

It's amazing how life speeds up when there's a deadline. 

Since my original piece for BID members on the Lancaster Health Festival, we have appointed project management support, launched our new website  and started the process of distributing our 'Make a Difference' packs (details also online).

Our competition last year for our nursing homes was, Pimp my Zimmer.  It must have worked. This year we almost trebled our nursing home involvement for our Ashton Hall Collage Comp.  Add to this nearly 600 secondary school pupils taking part and we continue to grow.

We've also settled on a new event.  What kind of city would you like to live in?  For our opening night of the festival on Thursday 19th September we will be looking at what kind of city we want to live in and this will be hosted by The CEO of the Morecambe Bay Trust, our director of Population Health and our Chief Inspector of Police.   Full details will appear soon on our website.

Equally as important, can I say thank you to those local businesses that have had contact with us and our now looking to take part in the festival.  Local businesses are a key to life of any town or city and they are a key to ours.  So if you think that you would like to take part in our city's festival - whether you are a dance studio, a health shop or simply a socially minded business, if you think that you can put on a simple event that people could join in with then drop us a line at every great idea starts somewhere.

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