Lancaster Health Festival

9th May 2019

Health and Wellbeing - the latest fad, a serious issue or just a load of old lentils?  Well, no prizes for guessing the right answer. It's a serious issue with big implications for business.  Healthy employees are productive employees; a healthy city is a great place to live, work and do business, healthy communities and families are what we all want to belong to. 

But it's also FUN! That's why this year the Lancaster Health Festival, the Lost Art of Living©will be making its third and biggest appearance.  The festival will run from 19 - 22 September and full details will begin appearing on the festival website

The festival was started by the Morecambe Bay Trust and partners in 2017, because we realise that health and wellbeing are big issues, we realise that prevention is better than treatment, but most importantly, we realise that telling people what to do is bad practice.  Health and wellbeing is a partnership.  The aim of the festival is simply to create time and space for people to think about how they can improve their lives, health and wellbeing

This year we are concentrating on working in partnership with our local schools, our local food suppliers and our local council.  But amongst all of that you will be able to dip your toe in the water with a bit of mindfulness or yoga and we are planning some thoughtful conversations. 

The key aim this year is to help people build Habits for Health and to:

  • Get Active
  • Get Resilient
  • Get Connected

As we grow we want to work on the importance of business and entrepreneurship.  There are some big issues in the world and Lancaster is not exempt.  How do we create a safe, physically healthy, environmentally sustainable, economically healthy and just community?  Ideas?

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