Lancaster BID Develops Strategically

9th October 2017

Since Lancaster BID's first Annual General Meeting (AGM) AGM as a company limited by guarantee, which took place in July 2017, Lancaster BID have been realigning their strengths to become a more strategically focused organisation.

During the AGM, attendees welcomed Susan Rutherford into the role of Vice Chair of Lancaster BID. Since this meeting, Susan has taken on the role of Chair of the Management Board. Susan, who originally got involved with Lancaster BID due to weeds on Castle Hill and the expansion of the BID zone, which made Holdens a Levy Payer, gave a short speech at the AGM explaining how it was an honour to take on the role. She highlighted the open door policy she found that Lancaster BID offered Levy Payers when she first approached them and promised to work hard for Lancaster BID, continuing to build strategic relationships with influential bodies in the city.

Susan, Consultant and Practice Manager at Holdens Solicitors, manages discussions at the bi-monthly Lancaster BID Management Board meetings and is also one of four directors of Lancaster BID. Joining Susan as a director is long-standing BID member, Paul Cusimano, who is proprietor of JOSEPH+CO based on North Road in Lancaster. Another long-standing member, Mark Diggle, Proprietor of Diggle's and Marcos Restaurant was re-elected as a director at the AGM and aids Susan in discussions regarding city centre developments. New to the team was final director Richard Alford, Managing Director at Black Bear Network who also was elected as a director at the AGM.

After over five years of dedication to Lancaster BID, Paul Cusimano decided to stand down as Chair of Lancaster BID in July 2017. Although stepping down, Paul still offers invaluable advice to the directors and members of Lancaster BID and is very much involved in crucial city centre matters, including the closed circuit television (CCTV) discussions.

Susan Rutherford, Chair of the Lancaster BID Management Board said: "As Lancaster BID moves forward, I feel confident that we are an aligned organisation, working closely towards delivering the objectives set out in the 2016 Delivery Plan. The broad range of knowledge that the directors and Lancaster BID Board members bring to the table is invaluable in helping us deliver our aims and in making Lancaster a better place to work, visit, invest and do business in."

The Lancaster BID staffing team is also complete and back up the 2014 staffing levels of the equivalent of two full time staff members. Rachael Wilkinson, who has worked at Lancaster BID for almost three years, works full time as the Lancaster BID Manager and runs the day to day operations of Lancaster BID. In May 2016 Tom Fyson joined BID team. Tom Fyson works as a part-time BID Development Manager, focusing on the 'Improvements'agenda as well as looking for additional funding, to aid the delivery of Lancaster BIDs shot-term and long-term projects. Victoria Muir joined the Lancaster BID team in July 2017 working as a part-time Marketing & Events Assistant. Victoria aids Rachael in the day to day running of Lancaster BID, as well as getting involved in events such as the recently successful Pirate Day and Student Shopping Night.

Susan continued: "Key to achieving our aims has been establishing the right people in positions both in the Lancaster BID staff team as well as on the Management Board and Sub Groups."

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