Lancaster BID Ambassador

17th June 2015

Lancaster BID appointed a BID Ambassador in April of this year. This service is being provided by Castlegate Security who are spending 16 hours a week in Lancaster City Centre representing the BID. In the two short months that the BID Ambassador has been in post they have become an indispensable asset. The BID Ambassador has so far helped with issues including: shoplifting, reporting grot spots, maintenance issues, ASBO breaches, important document distribution and minor disturbances, and has done a fantastic job of reporting back any issues and disturbances in the city centre to the BID team, who can ensure that matters get resolved efficiently.

The BID Ambassador will be at the next BID Open Meeting which will take place on Wednesday 15th July, 5.30pm at The Gallery, The Dukes, Moor Lane where businesses can meet him and ask any questions on his role.

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