It's All About Relationships

7th February 2019

This week I've been thinking a lot about what makes a business great. We work with so many different companies of varying sizes and industries, and through them all there are key points that, in my opinion, separate the successful from the struggling.
There are the obvious factors such as good leadership, the ability to problem solve and evolve, a clear direction etc. but, as I see it, the biggest challenge which holds the best results is the formation of a team happy to collaborate and support each other. 
A well formed team brings together individuals from differing backgrounds, home situations, career experiences, likes/dislikes and hobbies. Having contrasting characters may seem counterintuitive at first but in most cases, diversity breads creativity. 
I hear you, it's 'easier said than done' at times. I've worked in companies in which big personalities have clashed and it has had a detrimental effect on day to day business running. Luckily, we don't have this at Reid Hamilton. We have an unwritten rule- from the management to the junior staff- everyone has a platform to be heard, no one is out on their own, no one is left to struggle under a mountain of work- everyone mucks in.
It's this unwritten ethos that guides, not just our relationships with each other, but our relationships with our clients too. I'm an insurance professional, I won't pretend to know exactly how a new piece of software is built, or the ins and outs of how to manufacture car parts. What I do know is how to spot the risks that can arise in your business, whether fire, environmental, financial or even cyber. And so we work together, you explain your business to us and we can advise which areas in which insurance can work for you. Give us a call on 01524 39939 and let's start the journey to building a successful team.
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