Indie Lancaster - Hot Off The Press

8th August 2019

The highly anticipated Indie-Lancaster leaflet is here. The Indie-Lancaster guide, funded and created by Lancaster BID, showcases independent businesses operating in the Lancaster BID zone.

Our leaflet has been split into various categories and showcases all the wonderful independent stores we are so lucky to have in Lancaster. With its range of thriving independent boutiques, fabulous jewellers, art and craft stores and delicious artisan cafes, which are the hidden gems of our city centre along with the two shopping centres we felt we needed to shout about this uniqueness and let people know they'll find everything they need here that you can't get anywhere else.

As previously mentioned we believe that Independent businesses are vital to city centres, as they provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and jobs for communities. Independent businesses also keep money close to home, and often support neighbourhoods and communities. In Lancaster city centre 62% of the businesses operating in the centre are independent and make Lancaster such a unique place to shop, visit and explore.

Lancaster is a wonderful city of Heritage where history runs through the cobbled streets, a fascinating city of culture with an intriguing story to tell, from the hilltop Castle to Lancaster Canal winding its way through the city's industrious past and at the heart of the city and of course our rich Independent trade so we hope you like this leaflet that celebrates this unique city of ours.

We are busy getting leaflets out to the Independent businesses, VIC, museums and library at the moment so please do not hesitate to contact us to request a stock for your business, or email Victoria on

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