Gum Zapping Success

8th March 2018

Throughout March Lancaster BID has been making a huge effort to make a visible difference in the city centre. Alongside our ongoing contract with Lancaster City Council for enhanced levels of street cleansing, we also contracted Gum Zappers to take action to remove the ever increasing amounts of chewing gum stuck to the city centre streets.

You might have seen the Gum Zappers team out and about in the city centre last week.  Focusing on Market Street, Market Square and Penny Street, they managed to remove chewing gum from 3,500 square meters of the city centre streets.

This has had a huge impact on the look of the city centre and also resulted in a great deal of positive publicity for BID. The work created a buzz on social media and was even picked up by the cartoonist in the Lancaster Guardian. The Gum Zappers team received large amounts of positive feedback from local people whilst they were out, with one woman being so impressed with the work she bought them all cakes!

This initiative has made such a positive impact that we are pleased to announce the Gum Zappers team have been booked to return for a further two days in March to continue this work.

Lancaster BID is committed to making sure this is not just a one off improvement and is ensuring that our cleansing partnership with Lancaster City Council includes a requirement for ongoing gum removal to keep on top of the issue.

BID staff will be monitoring levels of gum to highlight the next priority areas to be tackled. If you know of any problematic areas please let us know at and we'll be certain to address them within the cleansing schedule.

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