Gleaming Ginnels!

4th October 2018

Lancaster BID has partnered with Lancaster City Council to deliver improvements to some of the ginnels in the city centre.

Lancaster has many ginnels and passages which lead off the main shopping streets to discover many unique businesses tucked away in the historic city centre.

Improving the ginnels is a key strategy to make them enticing for visitors to the city to want to walk down and discover where they lead. For the past six months an active campaign has been underway to quickly remove graffiti, regularly jet wash surfaces and generally keep the ginnels clean and tidy.

The next stage has now begun with a contractor hard at work making repairs to the floor, ceilings and walls in Sir Simon's Arcade, Music Room passage and Golden Ball Lane. Surfaces are being painted white to maximise the light in the covered entrances and obstructions being removed to ensure they are more easily accessible for all.

Lancaster BID has also appointed a lighting engineer to work with us to create bespoke lighting for each location to ensure the ginnels are appealing to walk down both day and night.

Lighting designs will aim to deliver a contemporary feel whilst complementing the historic city centre and the listed buildings next to two of the locations.

Lancaster BID Development Manager, Tom Fyson, said 'It is critical to the future success of Lancaster that the whole city centre remains attractive, welcoming and feels safe for all who visit. This improvement work will go a long way to helping achieve this goal.'

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