Flooding Advice For Businesses

8th November 2018

Instances of flooding are fortunately relatively rare and flood defences have been built locally which reduce the risk for known high risk areas.
However, flash floods, which are much more difficult to predict, can occur without warning. These occur where the drains cannot initially cope with the amount of water produced by intense storms. Furthermore, many parts of the district remain at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea, and our existing defences can be overtopped during significant flood events.
Rather than leave things to chance, if you think you may be at risk it is important to plan ahead and minimise any potential disruption caused by flooding.
Business Resilience Health Check (BRHC). 
The Business Resilience Health Check tool was developed by Climate North East and Business In The Community to help any business, small or large, to quickly understand their vulnerability and assess their preparedness for climatic events. There is a free online toolkit on the Lancaster City Council website.
Business Resilience Checklist 
Putting simple preparations in place can save you time and money when something untoward happens. There is a checklist available on the Lancaster City Council website, to make sure your business is resilient. 
Where can I get more help, advice and information?
For help and advice visit Lancaster City Councils website: 
Help and advice is also available from the National Flood Forum, which provides support to communities and individuals that have been flooded or are at risk of flooding.

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