Contractual flaws in the little Mermaid

7th March 2019

It is, with a bad case of writer's block that I sat on my sofa racking my brain for something interesting to say this month! Those of us with small children I'm sure can empathise- work day still preying on your mind as you stick a DVD in to occupy the tiny humans and attempt to find a solution to that lose thread so you can enjoy the rest of your evening.
It was at this point I started looking at the TV more and more, the red headed half fish half human teenager was about to make the same mistake teens have been making for generations- acting out from frustration with parents and the general constraints of their geographical location, and finding herself in trouble because of it. But wait.... 'SHE CAN'T SIGN THAT! SHE'S A MINOR!'
My kids weren't impressed. They never are when I pick holes in their treasured films (a favourite pastime of mine). 
But it got me thinking- there are a lot of contractual issues in The Little Mermaid, mainly on the side of Ursula to be fair. Ariel knew she was signing a contract, but did she really understand the gravity of what a legal contract is? And how often do we ourselves sign our name on a pile of paperwork without properly reading it? How many have bought an insurance policy online, unaware that they weren't covered for what they needed- or that by doing something they saw as day to day, that they would be voiding their contract?
My point is; she should have sought help from a professional, prior to believing that a voice as consideration for legs may have been a good deal. I mean, it could be- I've never been in that situation. I don't know what might be deemed reasonable for species reassignment agreements, but I do know that failure to comply with the further condition of kissing the prince invoking the loss of one's soul seems to me an unreasonable contract term. And honestly, I don't recall seeing Ursula ensure she understood the contract, I get the feeling it was entered into under duress, making it voidable even if she was of legal age! And don't even get me started on Ursula's take on the whole 'acting in good faith' bit. I digress.
At Reid Hamilton, we deal in legally binding insurance contracts. We make sure to highlight unusual terms & conditions, giving you plenty of time to take it all in and make a decision. We do not want your soul and ensure the insurance companies we deal with are not akin to an old sea hag.
If you want to be sure you aren't signing yourself up to something comical- give us a call. If you're concerned that you already have, nip in and see us; we will gladly look over your existing arrangements with no obligations.
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