BID Tour Bridge With Local Businesses

7th June 2018

Lancaster BID recently arranged an exclusive opportunity for local businesses to take a sneak peek behind the scaffolding of Greyhound Bridge and find out for themselves the extent of work being undertaken. 
The Greyhound Bridge tours took place on Tuesday 5th June and 20 businesses took part. The scale of damage, where sections of old concrete have been removed, was clearly visible and highlighted the urgency of this work to avoid weight restrictions being imposed.
Lancaster BID previously arranged a tour of Primark mid-way through construction, which was hugely popular with businesses in the district.
Lancaster BID Manager Rachael Wilkinson said: "One of the main reasons behind arranging these tours are to put some of the rumours to bed. It's easy to speculate what's happening or why a project has been delayed, but it's another thing to see it for yourself. Similar to the Primark build tour, the Greyhound Bridge tour captured the imagination of local businesses, who thoroughly enjoyed their tour of Greyhound Bridge... and the tour of under it! Lancaster BID would like to say a big Thank You to Lancashire County Council for allowing us access and for the efforts currently being undertaken in order to minimise disruption to traffic in the city centre. Once the work is complete, in September 2018, we are assured that the repairs will last for almost 100 years!"
Greyhound Bridge tour video coming soon.

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