BID Reports Social Media Growth

17th June 2015

Since December 2014 Lancaster BID have been seeking to increase their social media presence to enable them to better promote Lancaster, and the stores in Lancaster, to a wider and more diverse range of consumer. The BID have been closely monitoring their social media reach and engagement as well as benchmarking themselves against other BIDs and destinations in the North West, to ensure that they remain competitive. The broad use and scope of social media means that it can be used as an unlimited marketing tool for a range of BID activities such as events, business updates, direct messaging and more. The average growth rate of BID social media is over 100 new followers/likes each month, with aims to increase this number even further. Lancaster BID now uses two Facebook sites (one for consumers and one for businesses), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube; as well as additional social media sites for specific events, for example the Lancaster Comedy & Arts Weekend Facebook and Twitter pages.
Lancaster BID social media hit record peaks in May with social media engagement rising by 210% and post reach up by 148%. This number was significantly increased through the Lancaster Comedy & Arts Weekend event and the visit of The Queen, Duke of Lancaster to Lancaster Castle. This level of engagement ensured that Lancaster BID had 651 additional engagements compared to their benchmarked 'pages to watch' on Facebook. Twitter has shown the largest growth in any of the social media platforms used by the BID. Twitter has proved to be a great engagement tool for the BID and local businesses as it allows instant access to promoting and sharing within the business community. The increased level of engagement and reach for social media is great news for levy paying businesses as it ensures that the BID's promotions of stores, offers in Lancaster and the popular Love Local Love Lancaster voucher campaign is being received by a much larger audience. The BID will continue to engage with social media marketing and continuously assess their efforts to ensure they remain competitive online.

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