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"In 2012 I was invited on behalf of the Lancaster Music Festival to an open discussion held in the Dukes on Lancaster BID. The BID was at the crucial stage of lobbying levy payers on whether to vote for a Lancaster BID. I rather got on my soapbox after Lancaster Music Festival was repeatedly held up as an example of the kind of activity a BID could support and there was one particular dissenting remark (from a non-levy payer too). I was compelled to make the case that without a Lancaster BID (or a cheque for £10K from the dissenter) there would be no Lancaster Music Festival in 2013 because despite our best efforts, and the considerable benefit to innumeral city centre businesses that the Lancaster Music Festival had been achieving, we had failed repeatedly to obtain the support we needed to continue from those very same local businesses.

The good news of course is now history: The Lancaster BID did get voted in and the BID did award Lancaster Music Festival around £4K in funding that was immediately put into promotion.

In 2013 the Lancaster Music Festival brought in around 20,000 festivalgoers doubling (and in some estimates tripling) the attendance in 2012 as a direct consequence of this additional funding. In 2014 the Lancaster BID awarded Lancaster Music Festival £8K and this helped the historic launch of live music in Lancaster Castle's courtyard and expanision of family friendly events in the city's historic squares bringing in around 40,000 festivalgoers.

The continuing support of the Lancaster Music Festival by BID has enabled Lancaster Music Festival to not just survive but also thrive, expand and start on the journey towards greater self-sufficiency and we look forward to partnering with Lancaster BID through 2016-21  on the many exciting projects we are currently planning.

Benjamin Ruth, Coordinator Lancaster Music Festival
"BID made time to discuss our project, (Campus In The City) give me useful contacts, and made some very valuable suggestions. They generously awarded us money which helped enormously. We were proud to have them as partners on the 10 week project and we look forward to working with them in the future.”  
Joseph Buglass, Project Manager at Lancaster University
Working in partnership with BID on two successive Light Up Lancaster festivals was a really positive experience. I have created, organised and run events, celebrations, festivals and arts/cultural activities of all types across the NW and what I appreciated about working with BID was that it was refreshing to partner a stakeholder who offered far, far more than mere financial investment. It was wonderful to rely on the BID team’s advice, experience, skills, contacts and in-depth knowledge of their district and the role they play in helping to improve Lancaster – for its residents, businesses and visitors alike. All this expertise and BID’s enthusiasm was invaluable in helping me to stage two fantastic Light Up Lancaster events. I couldn’t have asked for better supporters, better advocates and better guidance when I most needed it. BID also played a vital role in being a great conduit for establishing a connectivity between the arts and business. From my experience, this is often a tricky ride but BID turned it into source of pleasure.  The success of Light Up Lancaster is now unthinkable without the wholehearted contribution from BID.
George Harris, Producer, Light Up Lancaster 2013 & 2014
Myself and my little boy loved din this trail- great to find new nooks and crannies to visit in Lancaster- 10/10
Anna Scott, Lancaster, Lancaster Treasure Trail 2015 Participant
Fab, Fab Event! Well done!
J.McGee, Lancaster Comedy & Arts Weekend 2015 Attendee
 Lancaster BID provided Ludus Dance with an opportunity for our children's Street Dance Crew to perform as part of the Skate Ramp event at Lancaster Castle. This gave the children involved a massive sense of achievement and a unique chance to perform in an iconic location in their home town. The impact from this has meant that more children have taken up dancing with the group since the performance because they aspire to take part in similar performance opportunities in and around the city.

BID also funded Ludus Dance to provide further performance opportunties for the young people of Lancashire and the North West, as well as employment opportunities for professional dance artists to take part in a flash mobs across Lancaster city centre. This has a significant impact on the local profile of dance in Lancaster, specifically the Lancashire Youth Dance Festival held annually at The Dukes, and local people's engagement with community dance across the city. This would not have been possible without the financial support of the BID team and Ludus Dance is forever grateful for the opportunities you have given the children and young people we work with.

Vicky Frayard, Dance Development Artist, Ludus Dance

Excellent. Good fun for all ages and an excellent way of getting to know Lancaster- 10/10 
Susan Davies, Nottingham, Lancaster Treasure Trail 2015 Participant
We had a great time last week at your event. There were defiantly a lot of happy young faces and hopefully you’ve sparked an interest for some young people that attended, which will carry on well into their future.
Mark Baker, King Ramps 2015
Thanks so much for getting the council to sort out the flowers on Sir Simon's Arcade, they look lovely!
Hannah- Down to Earth Craft Gallery Ltd
Thanks for all your help today

Barbara & Paul- Bay Pets