A Stronger Voice

BID Chairman 

Paul Cusimano

Proprietor of JOSEPH+CO


After the two full years of BID activity and being privy to the group’s plans for the final year of the three-year term, I am pleased to say that we are on track to meet the BID’s initial aims and objectives by the end of its first term.

This is a vital last year for BID’s current term, where a lot of the groundwork that has been explored can come to fruition and levy payers will experience the benefits.

Vital because in November this year the Management Committee will be seeking your support in achieving a further five year term in which the BID team can build upon the strong foundation she and the Management Committee has laid. A new term will raise over £1 million for Lancaster for investment in events, building footfall, marketing and improvements. I can’t envisage a sum of that size appearing from anywhere else in the near future so it is imperative that you have the confidence to vote yes when the time comes. Without that vote the progress made in the last two years and in this year will have been to little avail. Only through continuity can Lancaster fully feel the benefits of the increased investment.